Korea’s Song Jae Min eliminated at 9th place, Final 8 known

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam – In a power play that faltered, Song Jae Min of Korea becomes the latest casualty in the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2022 Main Event and his bust-out now brings the proceedings to the Final 8 to contest the record-breaking VND 2.7B (US$116,441.00) top prize at the Saigon Poker Club here.
Vietnam’s Nguyen Quoc Dinh opened from MP and was raised by Song at the D. Action folded back to Nguyen who three-bet. After using a Time Bank Chip, Song shoved. Nguyen asked for a count and decided to call.
Song tabled K8o while Nguyen dominated him with A8o. The flop did not help Song and he is now out of the competition, but still pockets VND281,960,000.00 (US$12,124.00).
The Final 8 is now guaranteed VND338,400,000.00 (US$14,551.00).
Here are the Final 8 players and their corresponding chip counts:
Seat 1 – Tun Nguyen (VIE) 1,950,000
Seat 2 – Kim Ki Woong (KOR) 1,755,000
Seat 3 – Amit Kaushik (IND) 860,000
Seat 4 – Vu Van Lich (VIE) 2,215,000
Seat 6 – Nguyen Quoc Dinh (VIE) 3,270,000
Seat 7 – Yap Tian Yong (SGP) 2,205,000
Seat 8 – Ha Van Thien (VIE) 3,895,000
Seat 9 – Tran Tuan Anh (VIE) 1,880,000 
The payouts are:
1st: VND 2,707,930,000 (US$116,441.00)
2nd:VND 1,804,780,000 (US$77,605.00)
3rd: VND 1,254,590,000 (US$53,947.00)
4th: VND 906,240,000 (US$38,968.00)
5th: VND 677,650,000 (US$29,139.00)
6th: VND 523,010,000 (US$22,489)
7th: VND 415,300,000 (US$17,858.00)
8th: VND 338,400,000 (US$14,551.00)
The players have been introduced, and the Livestream will begin shortly.

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